Here is my home…….. ok it’s just a cyber home, my real home is in a smallish town in a smallish state, not much of world interest happens here and as far as I know never has. The actual structure was built by my grandfather, making me the third and probably last generation of my family to own and occupy this house. I like to refer to it as the museum of mental illness, that’s an inside joke.

In any event, here you are, on the blog page you will not find the answers to life, you will also not find grand stories of a world traveler, not even bad poetry. What you will find is a collection of unsorted thoughts and a few pictures here and there.

As for me, I am a skilled laborer, a recovering alcoholic (2nd generation), an amateur photographer (film, that’s why there aren’t more pics) a father, ex husband, brother and son. I have 4 chickens and was a beekeeper. My assets amount to 1 awesome girlfriend that took me to long to find, 1 old truck with 250,000 miles on it and a collection of not very valuable cameras.


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